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Controlled vehicle fleet – assurance of reliabilityControlled vehicle fleet – assurance of reliabilityControlled vehicle fleet – assurance of reliability

ITECO own vehicle fleet consists of more than 3500 modern transport units, the average age of which is 1,5 year. The company also engages more than 100 000 vehicles, 10 000 of which are in “active expedition” under ITECO daily management. It means that cargo will be removed or shipped in virtually any scenario. Our private service-centers and spare parts shipments serve as an addition to the reliable and uninterrupted operation.


Destination point – the entire worldDestination point – the entire worldDestination point – the entire world

For the successful shipment to the destination point, you just have to call the latter. The rest is done by ITECO. Throughout Russia or abroad, to the small town or to the huge metropolis – ITECO transport capacity knows no limits. 81 branches in Russian cities serve as a guarantee of speed and expertise. If there is a road to a city – we deliver your cargo there. Our motion knows no boundaries because we believe in your business’ unlimited capabilities.


Safety on the roadSafety on the roadSafety on the road

Many clients don’t know that contracted liability insurance is prohibited in Russia. Minding that, some carriers provide clients with fake policies, assuring them of protection. ITECO uses the only legal document - insurance for cargo loads. We are not bank, but we know the meaning of the words “safe as a bank”!

From point А
To point B

Operation without mediatorsOperation without mediatorsOperation without mediators

Many logistics services clients aren’t even aware how far they stand from the final order executor. Shipment order may be resold for a few times until it finds somebody who is ready to take it on. High price will not mean that client quickly receives qualitative and reliable transportation. ITECO manages only reliable and tested vehicles, which are not searched for after receiving an order. A client, who entrusts his cargo to ITECO, receives high-quality transportation services for an optimum price, which many of our competitors might consider impossible.

With mediators
Without mediators

Cargo location monitoringCargo location monitoringCargo location monitoring

We (and it means you, as well) always know where your cargo is, since its location is controlled via satellite system GLONASS/GPS. Monitoring provides additional security, reduces the general risk level and enables tracking the cargo accurately within meters in real-time, so that you feel safe.

GPS control

Personal manager – personal attitudePersonal manager – personal attitudePersonal manager – personal attitude

Your personal manager is always ready to receive your call and hear you out. He executes your order efficiently; answers all the questions instantly, offer opportunities to optimize terms and reduce costs. Our personal manager is your personal manager, person with thorough understanding of your business and market expertise.

Work with managers
Personal approach
We are closer than you think! Just call our hotline +7 495 933 84 48

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