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Trucks and semitrailers for ITECO for 2 billion rubles - one of the largest deals of Rosagroleasing

30.06.2021 Press office
Rosagroleasing and ITECO entered into leasing agreements providing for financing the supply of domestically produced trucks and semitrailers for an amount exceeding 2 billion rubles. Delivery time - from July to August of the current year.

Let us remind you that cooperation between ITECO and Rosagroleasing began two years ago. Then ITECO received equipment for the transportation of agricultural products in the amount of 123 million rubles. The transaction amount in 2021 is 16 times more. This became a natural reflection of the growth of ITECO in recent years and a symbolic continuation of mutually beneficial cooperation. Rosagroleasing also noted that the deal with ITECO is one of the largest in 2021.
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