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ITECO is a contractor of Alfa Future People Festival

06.08.2014 Press Service
The first festival of an electron music and technologies Alfa Future People was organized in Nizhny Novgorod area from 11th -13th July, 2014.

ITECO company was a contractor of the festival and provided delivery of stage’s components, illuminating and sound equipment. Besides, ITECO delivered the production of BALTIKA company – one of our long-standing business partners.

Alfa Future People Festival was organized by Alfa Bank in Balakhna, Nizhniy Novgorod area. Within three days the festival seated about 40 musicians and more than 30 000 spectators from fifty regions of Russia.

A special festival’s guest was The Uchpochmack band with Zemfira Ramazanova and Renars Kaupers. World’s best DJs preformed on the stage 7-floors building high and 90 m wide. The stage was created in the shape of transformer’s head.

Even the most famous DJs, participated in the most outstanding world’s festivals noted an incredible height, design and manufacturability of the main stage. Such construction made it possible to make an astonishing show with video-projections and pyrotechnics.

The Uchpochmack, Infected Mushroom and Dub FX bands performed on the Stage Live and Bass. The stage looked like LED screen, its size was much bigger than most stages on the Russian open-air shows.

At midnight an immense firework decorated the sky above the main stage, accompanied by Let My People Go song’s remix in dub-step style.

The most expensive system sound K1 used at the festival. The sound power was 1 megawatt.
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