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Transportation of goods from China to the countries of EU is a popular service of our company ITECO

26.11.2012 Press Service
The Chinese economy is one of the largest in the world, and Chinese manufacturers have become essential partners for companies in Europe, offering a wide range of products at competitive prices. That is why the transportation of goods from China to the countries of EU is a popular service of our company ITECO. Understanding of local conditions, knowledge of the transport infrastructure in the region ensures high quality of shipping services.

Company ITECO offers the following services for the carriage of goods combined delivery of goods China - the countries of EU; general cargo from China to EU; and consolidation in the South China (Shenzhen, Guangzhou); and all associated services, accompanying from China.

The main goal of our team is to help companies and entrepreneurs in the international delivery of cargo from various European and Asian countries. One of the areas we are working with our transport company is China. So, if you need to transport goods from China to the EU countries through Russia, then you can safely go to our trucking company ITECO. International shipping cargo from the Chinese area is carried out by our company with many years’ experience. Because of this, international transportation China to the EU countries via Russia goes according to verified, profitable customer schemes.

Also, when there is the congestion of highways and railways (this type of communication is developed in China, a little worse than in Russia), our transport company uses a multi-modal transportation scheme. Combine several modes of transport that would accommodate the time of delivery, regardless of external circumstances. Our company has all possibilities for this. Excellent knowledge of the cargo of the "Chinese" areas, a whole network of logistics and consolidation warehouses that store (if necessary, additional packaging) before sending your product. You can count on the following transport services: 
Shipping, packaging and storage of goods in warehouses of the company prior the shipment; 
Rapid clearance of all customs documentation, insurance and certification of the goods; 
The cargo international freight shipping scheme is "from door to door" delivery.  
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