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"ITECO" purchased 50 new trucks KAMAZ-5490, together with new semitrailers NEFAZ-93341-08

30.12.2015 Press Service
30, December 2015 heavy equipment supply was completed between heavy equipment manufacturer "KAMAZ" and logistics company "ITECO". "ITECO" purchased 50 new trucks KAMAZ-5490, together with new semitrailers NEFAZ-93341-08.
The decision on the deal was reached on international cargo Motor COMTRANS-2015, which was held in Moscow in September. As part of motor show KAMAZ organized the most representative exhibition of its technics. Special offers, addressed to carriers, contributed to the conclusion of the deal.

Currently, "ITECO" is one of the largest buyers of new technics "KAMAZ". As part of last year tender, company purchased a trial consignment of 50 tractors of new model 5490, which was developed jointly with Daimler Company. The technical capabilities of the latest car models have been tested for a year, which have proved fully its technical and economic characteristics in conditions of intensive work during the year. The maximum range of cars in this time amounted to 180,000 km. During a year, KAMAZ automobile plant actively collected information on the operation of vehicles and necessary improvements were made. This year, in addition to familiar models, "ITECO" acquired five new tractors with automatic transmission. The "ITECO" company became one of the first operators of KAMAZ trucks with automatic transmission. And the results of the testing specifications will depend on a decision on a further increase of car fleet of the new model.
In addition to KAMAZ trucks, "ITECO" acquired new domestic development – semitrailers NEFAZ-93341-08 air suspension with rolling-board design. The semitrailer is equipped with a two-wire braking system with pneumatic brakes and all-wheel drum ABS.

Bulk tractor KAMAZ-5490 was recognized as the best commercial vehicles in Russia in 2014. It features a comfortable cabin Mercedes-Benz Axor family of air-conditioned and heated seats, a modified system of KAMAZ chassis. As the power unit used in-line six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM457LA power of 428 hp., corresponding to the standards "Euro 5". Russian tractor in a niche of the car trunk has the lowest price compared to import analogues. Operating costs per kilometer from KAMAZ up a little more than 19 rubles. New KAMAZ has lower costs per ton of runs, which is 65 kopecks. Costs of European trucks are from 90 kopecks to 1.5 rubles per ton-kilometer.
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